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Cheap football kits for everyone

We are the UK's number one supplier of football kits for teams in the UK and have a wide range of cheap football kits complete with all of the necessary accessories. Our extensive products list ranges from professional grade football items all the way to kids football kits.

Team kits: what to expect

A typical team kit consists of a uniform and everything that the player needs to play the sport to abide by the rules. The accessories or basic equipment are essential for a player’s success on the football pitch or court. The football kits of each team display the team colours, symbols and are a distinguishing factor for the players of the team.

We offer our customers the facility to personalise their kits for teams according to preference at a considerably low price compared to the other kit suppliers out there. Whatever your team colours or your club’s symbols are, we can create completely personalized team wear at the most affordable prices on the internet.

Kits for teams and much, much more

At Kits-Direct, we also have an impressive range of sports equipment. By equipment, we don’t just mean balls, we offer a wide range of products to help make your handball practice sessions yield better results. Brightly coloured space markers and cones of all shapes and sizes, precision training power tubes, boundary poles, speed ladders, speed loops and training hurdles are just a small portion of our complete range of precision and accuracy training equipment.

As for indoor training equipment, we also have a complete range of training bibs at unbelievable prices. Our accessories range doesn’t stop there; you can’t play without a goal. And we have just that for you, a complete range of football goals, handball goals, rugby posts and basketball hoops, nets and fittings to be purchased at considerably lower prices than the average retail price. If you are searching for the highest quality team kits to suit your fancy, you are at the right place.

Kit suppliers with a difference

Kits-Direct is the perfect place to shop for all of your football, handball, basketball and rugby gear. As we have complete product ranges from jerseys and balls to water bottles and kit bags, you really don’t have to look elsewhere because we are a one stop shop.

At Kits-Direct, we offer you the rare opportunity to obtain quality products and to save money at the same time. When it comes to the purchasing of team clothing and equipment, you need to pay special attention to the quality of the items to ensure a successful game. Apart from training and match day gear, we also offer a large collection of trophies complete with engraving services. As reputed kit suppliers we always put the quality of the items at the front seat to make sure that our customers are satisfied and keep coming back for more.

Kids team kits and womens team kits

We don’t exclusively supply team kits for men. If you are looking for a supplier of cheap team kits for a kids team or womens team kits, we are the right people for the job. We offer an impressive range of products complete with all the standard services for kids team kits for your ease and satisfaction.
With Kits-Direct, you will always have a chance to save money without compromising on quality.